About Us





OCD Customs is a custom car shop that specializes in design, fabrication and building of hot rods, muscle cars, street rods and classic cars of all types. Founded by Derek Hall (owner/fabricator), OCD Customs is made up of a small team of local talent here in Spokane, Washington, who take pride in being able to build cars for people who are passionate about the hobby.  Much of the work done here at OCD Customs is custom “one off” fabrication and metal work, and the team looks forward to unique building and design elements to really make every car unlike anything that has been built before. From all types of body modifications to custom built exhaust, OCD is ready to make your car really one of a kind.


We not only tolerate owner involvement, we actually encourage it. It is important keep those lines of communication open from the project planning phase, through to completion to make sure the finished car exceeds any expectations.

OCD Customs takes the hands-on approach to building cars, and Derek’s passion for building and fabrication makes this a family centered and locally supported business. OCD Customs has relationships with some of the best local businesses for engines, interiors, and wiring, to make sure that attention to detail is carried out in every phase of the car, and the theme can flow naturally from one aspect to the next. Many of the parts are sourced from local wrecking yards and parts outlets, prior to being grafted and modified beyond recognition. Though the final results speak for themselves, there is no “smoke and mirrors” during the building of these customs. Derek keeps his family involved in every build, and his attention to detail in wouldn’t be possible without the support of family and friends.

We invite you to reach out to us when you are ready to start (or finish) your next project here at our contact page.

Many of the photos on this site were taken by Zach Isaacson, a local professional photographer. If the picture looks professional, he probably took it. He can be reached here with any questions or comments.